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Many British timeshare owners believe that there is no successful resale market for timeshares or holiday points.

Many owners that we speak to have tried to sell through several different companies, without success. Timeshare owners then get frustrated and/or desperate and just want to give away their timeshare weeks. However, there are problems with offering something for nothing; what you´re offering is immediately devalued or considered worthless (and useless) by the recipient.

Cast your mind back to when you bought your timeshare or points. Back then, you were happy with what you bought. You were happy with what you paid. You were happy that it represented good value for money. You have had great holidays. Most of our customers agree with these statements. Nothing has changed with the product - it´s just that (for whatever reason) you now want to sell.

So we just seek (and find) buyers that feel the same as you did when you first learned about holidaying with timeshare. After all there is no point trying to sell timeshare to people that believe that timeshare is worthless.

In the UK it is estimated that there are 50 times as many timeshare sellers as there are timeshare buyers. This has resulted in a ´flooded´ market that has forced resale prices lower and lower in the last few years.

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