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The UK Timeshare Resale Market ReportMany British Timeshare owners believe that there is no successful resale market for Timeshares or Holiday Points.

Many Timeshare owners that we speak to have tried to sell their Timeshare through several different Timeshare companies, without success. Timeshare owners then get frustrated and/or desperate and just want to give away their Timeshare weeks. However, there are problems with offering something for nothing; what you´re offering is immediately devalued or considered worthless (and useless) by the recipient.

When you first bought your Timeshare

Cast your mind back to when you bought your timeshare or points. Back then, you were happy with what you bought. You were happy with what you paid. You were happy that it represented good value for money. You have had great holidays. Most of our customers agree with these statements. Nothing has changed with the product - it´s just that (for whatever reason) you now want to sell your Timeshare.

UK Timeshare owners account for around 10% of all Timeshare owners worldwide. Most of the other 90% are American residents. Timeshare has always been popular in the United States, however the vast majority of Timeshares originally purchased by Brits are in Europe. The issue, when it comes to Timeshare resales, is that U.S residents generally will not buy European timeshare as it is too far from home. So that means that most UK Timeshare resale companies concentrate on trying to sell to Brits.

The issue facing the Timeshare industry in the UK is one of consumer confidence. Twenty years ago, when many Timeshare owners bought their Timeshare weeks, there was very little negative press surrounding Timeshare. The internet was not available to most people, as it is today. Customers bought Timeshare, were generally happy with it and used it.

Have you been over sold ?

Over the years some British & European Timeshare companies have employed dubious sales practices to get Timeshare Owners to buy more and more Timeshare weeks or Holiday Points which the customer doesn´t need, can´t use or can´t afford. This has gradually resulted in an increasing number of disgruntled Timeshare owners who have aired their grievances on a growing number of blogs and internet forums. This has resulted in the perception that all Timeshare owners nowadays are unhappy. This is far from the truth. But the reality is that people are 10 times more likely to speak or write about a bad experience as a good one. Hence why the internet and press appears to be awash with Timeshare horror stories.

More Sellers than Buyers

Any industry or marketplace that becomes "unbalanced" will suffer eventually. It is the simple principle of supply and demand. If the number of Timeshare buyers decreases and the number of Timeshare sellers increases then prices will fall. That is what has happened in the UK. But your Timeshare week is still the same Timeshare week as when you bought it. Yes, it is. And that is what we appreciate and bear in mind.

Our Approach is Simple

So we just seek (and find) buyers that feel the same as you did when you first learned about holidaying with Timeshare - Timeshare buyers that see the value in the Timeshare or Points product. Timeshare buyers that are not swayed by a tiny amount (in relative terms) of adverse Timeshare publicity. Timeshare buyers that are prepared to pay for a lifetime of quality holidays. Timeshare buyers that feel the same way as you did when you bought your Timeshare.

After all there is no point trying to sell timeshare to people that believe that timeshare is worthless.

In the UK it is estimated that there are 50 times as many timeshare sellers as there are timeshare buyers. This has resulted in a ´flooded´ market that has forced Timeshare resale prices lower and lower in the last few years.


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